My Sexy Teacher

One day while driving home after school, i saw Ms. Thomas at a plaza i visited, standing beside her 2018 Toyoto Prado looking very worried, i said hi and was about to pass when she called me and asked if i knew anything about cars, i jokingly told her yes i know how to spell it and that it starts with a key. She laughed and said she was serious, i asked what the problem was and she said the car is not starting, i sat in the front seat and carried out a visual inspection of the inside and its contents, inside was very clean and smelled sweet, on the backseat was a paper bag from a female store inside, it was half opened so i glanced inside and to my surprise it was a dildo and panties in it. I told her to pop the hood so i can check the battery, i had already found the problem but i just wanted to spend some time around her. She was trying to start the car in gear and that was the problem, i checked the battery terminals, checked the coolant, checked the strength of the horn, the headlights, i even went as far as to check the voltage of theĀ  battery with my meter.

After about 15 minutes i told her that i found the problem and she smiled and asked what it was and i told her. She said i should drive it around the block to see if everything is ok. when i returned, i handed her the keys and she asked me if i would like to stop by her house for dinner. I hesitated for a while pretending to be thinking before i told her yes. She started her car and told me to follow her, we drove past some very nice houses, until we came to a two storey mansion and the gate started to open, she put on her indicator and i did the same and followed her inside. Inside were two big Dogs chained near the front of the house and a neatly dressed woman came out to greet us. I was introduced as her Student who had helped her out and was invited for dinner, while the woman was introduced as Ms. Mary. About 10 minutes later Ms. Mary left and Ms. Thomas showed me to a bedroom and told me that i could wash up in there. While i was inside, she knocked on the door and told me to take a warm shower and hand her my clothes and i could wear one of the robes that were in there. I did what she said, the only time i ever bathe in warm water is when the sun is very hot on the galvanized pipe and the temperature changes, so i spent a good time in the bath, had the best shower of my life. When i came out of the bath, i dried and put on a robe and went out but i forgot my way and turned in the other direction, i reached a bedroom with the door not fully closed so … i looked inside and to my surprise Ms. Thomas was in front of the mirror putting lotion on her body, she had the perfect body, nice breasts no sag, her pussy was neatly shaved, nice ass and her hair was let down which gave her a different look like a super model. I turned and went the other way because i had figured out by now i had made a wrong turn futhermore i was getting and erection and it was very obvious because i had on only the robe. As soon as i found my way back to the room and sat on a chair she knocked on the door and entered, she was also dressed in a robe and a black lace bra, she told me to come to dinner.

We ate Curried Mutton, rice and peas, pasta vegetables and had pineapple juice. After dinner she told me that my clothes were in the machine and would be ready soon and if i have a curfew. I told her that i lived alone, worked as an Electrical Supervisor and attended University part time. Her eyes brightened up and she told me that she has a section of the house that nothing works but she hadn’t got around to having someone look at it. I told her that as soon as i have a day off i will let her know so we can make an arrangement to diagnose the problem. She hugged me and told me that she notices me in class and that i seem different from the rest of the other male students, i smiled and kissed her and told her thanks. She pulled away and asked if i can keep a secret and i told her yes, she pulled her robe and took off her bra and told me that she saw me .. looking at her in the mirror and her pussy had been on fire ever since. I took off my robe too and exposed my erection, she was dumbstrucked and asked if was related to a donkey, i laughed and said yes. We went to the bedroom and she started to lick the head of my penis, it felt good, i stood her up and sucked her breasts and she bit my neck, i licked her pussy to an orgasm. When i tried to put my penis in her she screamed out, i stopped and tried again, she asked me how long is it and i told her 9 inches. I managed to get the head inside but it was painful for me too, she bled but i thought it was because i was too big, i got about half of it in her and she begged me not to go any further, we had sex with her moaning and screaming and kicking and i decided to give her a good fuck we climaxed and lay on the bed beside each other. She told me that i had taken her virginity and even though it was very painful she enjoyed it. I slept with her that night and fucked again before work, this time it wasn’t that hot. She gave me her number and told me to call her at lunchtime. She started helping me with Maths and we were dating and keeping it on the downlow at school. One night i manged to get all of of my penis in her pussy and fucked her doggystyle real hard i thought she would die, i discharged in her pussy and she lay there with her legs folded to her chest. My grades in her class have improved dramatically and my love for her got stronger. It was near graduation so i was a bit …

… relaxed. She called to ask if we could have lunch together, i agreed and when we were at the mall she gave me an envelope and told me not to open it until i reached back to work, it was a quick lunch and we left. when i opened the envelope it was a note that said ” i love you”, but on the back of the note was a message that said she was pregnant, my knees got weak and i sat down and held my head, baby , work, school, apartment how was i to manage so much, so young. I text her to tell her congrats, she replied and said after class. We met and talked for a while and she asked if i would marry her, i said yes, she told me to move my stuff over to her place and after the wedding i can live with her and i did, we fucked that night like it was our last. After graduation we got married the next day. We have a cute little Baby boy name Mark. I love to fuck and call her Ms when she screams.


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